Making our corner of the world a better place


Our team works side by side with organizations to help maximize your impact through successful organizational and fund development strategies.  

Who We Are

Established in 2017, we are a team of dynamic, smart, passionate, and dedicated women with varied expertise and complementary skills.

We are committed to helping your organization define your goals, build your future, and make your mark.


The Values We Live By 

Character is Queen  

We rely on our heart, courage, and integrity to guide our work and create substantive change for the clients we serve. Our character is our compass that points us in the direction to create lasting change in our corner of the world.   


Cultivating Connectedness  

Whether we are building meaningful relationships with our clients or cultivating relationships between our clients and the communities they serve – a connected community is a successful community.  We are also a team of individuals who are friends. We support each other in life and work. We take time to talk about what matters to each of us personally and that caring translates to the work we do for our clients and our community—a connected team is a successful team.  


True. Grit.  

We don’t shy away from honesty or transparency, and we are willing to have tough conversations to get results and achieve collective impact. Whether you call it grit, pluck, or gumption – we rely on fortitude to get the job done.   


Impatient Optimism  

Believe in the good. Keep moving forward.

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