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Maddie Huntley

Director of Government Services

Maddie gained her professional footing in public service and nonprofit work after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2016 with her Bachelor’s in Community Health Science. After a stint monitoring legislation for private interest, the Department of Health and Human Services extended her the opportunity to work in victim’s assistance education administration and tobacco prevention and control. From there, Maddie worked on a variety of issues, including caregiver relief and health care workforce development policy initiatives.


In 2022, Maddie began working toward her Master’s in Social Work. She expects to achieve her degree in winter 2024. This educational undertaking is rooted in her passion for system’s access advocacy and navigation. She is dedicated to ensuring transparency in systems devoted to public service. To this end, Maddie is pleased to have the opportunity to assist Government clients in ensuring their services are accessible to folks statewide. 


When she’s not busy with all things government services, you can find Maddie studying for her masters degree, haunting local coffee shops, in a yoga studio, on a bike, and doing her best to get outside. 

Maddie Huntley
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