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Fund Development and Communications


Elevate your nonprofit's impact with a strategic approach to fund development through The Blueprint Collaborative. We understand that effective fundraising isn't just about securing donations—it's about weaving it into the fabric of your organization's DNA.  


Focusing on implementing a thoughtful and process-driven fund development plan is one of the most important investments you can make in your organization. Through coaching of staff and key stakeholders, The Blueprint Collaborative will provide your organization with the foundational resources and skills to build a successful and sustainable Fund Development program. Your plan will include recommendations for staffing buildout, tailored tools, and best practices to be implemented so that the programs will be successful. With our guidance, your organization will establish a robust foundation for sustainable growth and excellence. 



At The Blueprint Collaborative, we recognize the pivotal role that major giving plays in propelling nonprofits toward success. Individual philanthropists hold the key to significant contributions that can transform your organization's trajectory. With our guidance, your organization will help you master the art of identifying and cultivating relationships with major donors. Our coaching sessions, enriched by valuable insights from your team, empower you to craft and execute a dynamic Major Gifts strategy and plan. This strategy isn't just about securing donations; it's about fostering meaningful connections that inspire ongoing support. 


Our process-driven approach ensures that your plan is not only comprehensive but also sustainable. By laying down a solid foundation for growth and excellence, we set the stage for your nonprofit to thrive and make a lasting impact. 



Do you struggle to communicate your organization's impact clearly and concisely? Is it difficult for you to adapt your message to different audiences? In the crowded landscape of marketing, clarity is key.  During a 1-2 day workshop, we work hand-in-hand with your team to distill your organization's complex ideas, initiatives, and impact into concise, compelling messages to help you uncover the core narratives that resonate most powerfully with your audiences. 



Securing funding through grants is a vital lifeline for nonprofits, but navigating the complex world of grant writing can be overwhelming. Through our Grant Writing service, we can craft compelling grant proposals that resonate with funders and drive impact. Our expert team will work closely with your organization to understand your goals, programs, and needs, ensuring that every proposal is tailored to maximize your chances of success. Learn how to establish the systems to manage your grant writing processes year-round and receive coaching on best practices for engaging Foundations and other grant-makers in conversation before writing applications. Whether you need a little extra support during your busy season, are in between employees, or would like to explore the impacts grants can have on your annual budget – we’re here to help. 

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