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Capital Campaigns


Is your organization growing, requiring buying, building, or renovating? Do you have a bold and innovative vision that requires a capital campaign? Big projects like campaigns require experienced and professional support as donors, volunteers, and staff alike are motivated by well-organized, focused campaigns with clear goals, actionable plans, and prescribed success. 


Let the Blueprint Collaborative team be your partner throughout your pivotal organizational expansion. We will work with you before the campaign begins to build a comprehensive plan that will lead you through your campaign experience. We’ll act as your partner—guiding and facilitating your campaign activities from beginning to end. Nothing in your career will give you more personal satisfaction than successfully completing an ambitious project like a capital campaign—contact us so that we can guide the way. 



Are you and your organization considering a big project? Do you possess the necessary planning, compelling messages, financial resources, courageous leadership, and internal structure to meet the goals of your ambitious vision? Our Capital Campaign Readiness Assessment is your roadmap to success. Through a comprehensive evaluation process, we'll pinpoint your organization's strengths and areas for growth, providing invaluable insights to guide your campaign strategy. 



Are you currently running a capital campaign but struggling to make progress? Our team can help you by conducting a mid-campaign assessment to identify areas causing difficulty and provide recommendations for effectively moving forward. This process involves conducting interviews with key stakeholders, reviewing historical campaign activities, analyzing the case for support, and exploring your donor strategies to create a comprehensive report that will help you adjust your strategy for maximum success. 

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